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Baby Welcome Decoration
Starting From ₹9999.00

Baby Welcome Decoration Decorating for a baby welcome event can be a joyful and creative process. Here are some ideas to help you set up a warm and inviting space to celebrate the new arrival:

About The Experience

Decorating for a baby welcome event can be a joyful and creative process. Here are some ideas to help you set up a warm and inviting space to celebrate the new arrival:

Baby Welcome Decoration Planner in Noida

Theme Ideas

  • Floral: Use flowers and greenery for a fresh, natural look.
  • Boho: Incorporate bohemian elements like macramé, dreamcatchers, and earthy tones.
  • Nautical: Utilize navy blue, white, and red with nautical symbols like anchors and sailboats.
  • Woodland: Include forest animals, trees, and rustic elements.
  • Classic Baby: Soft pastels with baby-themed decorations like bottles, rattles, and pacifiers.


  • Welcome Sign: Create a personalized welcome sign with the baby’s name or a sweet message.
  • Balloon Arch: Set up a balloon arch at the entrance in colors matching your theme.
  • Flower Garland: Drape a flower garland over the doorway or entrance area.

Decorative Elements

  • Balloons: Use clusters of balloons in thematic colors around the space. Consider including large foil balloons shaped like baby items (bottles, pacifiers, etc.).
  • Banners: Hang banners that spell out "Welcome Baby [Name]" or "It's a Boy/Girl".
  • Table Centerpieces: Create centerpieces with flowers, baby-themed items (like tiny shoes or bottles), and candles.
  • Photo Collage: Display a photo collage of the baby’s first days or family pictures.
  • Fairy Lights: Use fairy lights to add a magical touch to the decor, especially if the event is in the evening.

Baby Welcome Decoration Planner in Noida

Table Settings

  • Tablecloths and Runners: Choose tablecloths and runners that match your theme's color scheme.
  • Place Settings: Use themed napkins, plates, and utensils. Consider using personalized place cards.
  • Floral Arrangements: Small vases of fresh flowers as centerpieces can add a beautiful touch.
  • Themed Confetti: Scatter themed confetti (like tiny stars, baby footprints, or hearts) on the tables.

Photo Booth

  • Backdrop: Create a photo booth backdrop with a fabric drape, a balloon garland, or a themed scene.
  • Props: Provide fun photo props like baby bottles, pacifiers, baby hats, and signs with cute phrases.

Gift Table

  • Decorated Table: Set up a table for gifts with a tablecloth, some decorative elements like a small bouquet or a stuffed animal, and a sign indicating it’s the gift table.
  • Card Box: Provide a box or basket for cards.

Cake and Dessert Table

  • Themed Cake: Have a cake decorated to match the theme, either professionally made or homemade.
  • Dessert Display: Arrange cookies, cupcakes, and other treats on tiered stands. Decorate with small themed toppers.
  • Backdrop: Create a backdrop for the dessert table using a banner, balloons, or a decorated board.

Baby Welcome Decoration Planner in Noida

Personal Touches

  • Memory Jar: Set up a jar where guests can leave advice or well-wishes for the baby and parents.
  • Milestone Display: Display milestone cards or signs indicating the baby’s growth and development.

Soft Area

  • Cushions and Rugs: Create a cozy corner with cushions, rugs, and a baby play mat for guests who might bring their children.
  • Play Area: Include a small play area with soft toys and baby-safe items for the baby's siblings or other young children.

Cancellation Policy

  • Client should be book before 15 days with some token money.
  • Booked party cannot cancel until any emergency
  • Refund amount will be 50%
  • You can cancel the party before 10 days without any refund policy.
  • Inform the venue before 10 days

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